Support Business Achieve Substantial Future

What We Do.

We connect between the companies who is seeking for growth capital or funding to expand their business and the investors who have same investment objective, to assist companies achieve their further growth plan or provide solutions for the companies. 

Partner in Every Business Stage

We Assist Companies To Achieve Their Business Goals In Every Business Stage and Situation

Alternative Asset

Oil & Gas Asset
Real Estate Asset
Infrastructure Asset
Minerals Mines Asset
Renewable Energy Asset

M & A / Joint Venture

Joint Venture
Leverage Buyout
100% Takeover
Strategic Acquisitions
Merger and Acquisition


Bridge Loan
Trade Finance
Project Finance
Mezzanine Loan



Listed Company

Share Financing
Equity Purchase
Reverse Takeover
Private Placement
IPO Listing Support

Growth Stage

Private Equity
Preferred Shares
Convertible Bond
Strategic Partnership
Majority / Minority Investment

Start Up

Seed Stage
Angel Stage
Series A, B C