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SoPro Group (UK)

ProCo is able to identify those high yields under the rented property with large breakup value in UK domestic market that is not available to overseas investors.
This provides investors the advantage to acquire this type of asset class that could generate at least 10% net cash on cash return.

ProCo is beginning to increase portfolios on the target return and this large breakup opportunity over the UK Real Estate domestic residential asset.

Investment Background:
1. Proco objectives are to identify large breakup value in UK domestic residential assets market opportunities
2. Invest into the targeted assets that able to generate at least 7%-10% yield in the long term timeline
3. Proco has the capability to identify a long list of assets pipeline that is undervalued or under distress situation yet providing a good steady cashflow of assets for long terms.

SoPro Group
is a UK-based company that is providing building management & compliance services in the UK. Which SoPro is able to assist in managing the assets on behalf of Proco

Assets Portfolios Under Proco


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