David Vaughan

David Vaughan has an extensive experience in private equity real estate and development organizations covering real estate fund management, real estate investment & business development.  He is an expert in real estate finance and operations, business development and investor relations. Some key responsibilities specific to the Asia region include real estate private equity team leadership, business development and consultancy, real estate operations and investor relations, fund structuring, capital raising and transaction investment/management in Singapore, Hong Kong, Mainland China and Japan

His experience in Real Estate area including Leadership of multi-country financial operations and teams, Comprehensive real estate operations, compliance and financial reporting, Multi-regional profit, treasury and cash flow management, Acquisitions and Joint venture management in real estate development, Real estate teams operations and finance setup, Global capital & debt sourcing exposure with institutional investors.

Real Estate Sector Experience Analysis

8 years Retail (shopping centres)
6 years Logistics/distribution
4 years Residential
4 years Office/Hospitality

Besides in Real Estate, David had 10 years in Asia focused on launching products and raising equity from institutional investors, asset managers and family offices in USA, UK/Europe and Asia. 3rd party and in-house equity raising assignments, including working with placement agents in USA, UK/Europe and Australia, Capital raising network in Asia, Europe and USA including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Australia.