Fumi Yamakawa
Emtac Japan


Fumi has a 28 year track record of success within the fields of urban development and marketing communications, focusing on the hospitality sector. His experience includes time at the major international marketing communications agency Dentsu, alongside experience with international investment bank Morgan Stanley. He has developed a broad experience in turn around and restructuring situations, at various major construction/development projects including convention halls, museums, marinas/resorts, hotel development projects, amusement parks and senior care facilities for preventive medicine with a particular emphasis on middle market debtor-side engagements. 

Client prospecting and account management including the qualification of specific needs, Objectives and strategies in order to develop solutions that achieve desired results along with a solid return on investment.

He has expertise in the creation and private placement of alternative investment opportunities in resort and care homes development projects in Japan and Asia-Pacific. Alongside this he has notable experience in M&A, and investment-oriented mandates across various clients at the water front resorts, hotels and senior care industries.

He analyzed companies, performed financial modeling and valuations, and assisted client worked on potential sell-side and buy-side M&A deals for hospitality Company’s Potential Acquisition of related field Company, Researched list of potential targets for international hotel chains, assessed best asset for client company.