IJ Asia 2019 Unlocking Asia’s Potential

‪IJAsia 2019. Unlocking Asia’s potential: Gain valuable insights into the development of Asia Pacific infrastructure and project finance market, recent regulatory and legal changes, conneting and learning from key professional about Asia’s most successful deals. #infrastructure ‬ #development #asia #deals #market #infrastructures #renewableenergy #emtacintl

Opening Panel Discussion: The Great Finance Debate
Sharing the optimal combination of ODA, multilateral and commercial banks loans for financing infrastructure projects. The prospects and timeline to develop a functioning project bonds market. Domestic Vs Offshore Lending, currency exchange risk and etc.

Taiwan Offshore Wind, learn from Macquarie Group about their own Offshore Wind Project in Taiwan.

Panel Discussion: Latest developments in renewable energy in Asia
understanding Asia energy mix and assessing the possibilities fir renewables, risks and uncertainties for investors and developers, market trends of solar, wind and geothermal energy generation. Policies, PPA framework and FIT scheme in Asia Pacific.

Country focus: Indonesia
the opportunities for investors and lenders given the strong presence of state-owned enterprises in many of critical sectors in Indonesia.

Leaders Debate: the Infrastructure leaders perspective about what move the market and what disrupts it. Learn from the identified shortfalls faced from already completed PPPs. Latest developments in regulations and government support across the region. The Belt and Road Initiative, what are the prospect for investors, lenders, and developers.