S&P Global Market Intelligence: Asian Financial Crisis 20th Anniversary Lesson

S&P Global Market Intelligence: “Two Decades On: Perspectives from the Asian Financial Crisis: New Risks and Opportunities Take Shapes.

Learning how the past crisis events take shape to the future of Asia new growth model.

Understanding how each Asia, ASEAN countries past through each economic crisis encounter on past 20 years, from there we see what tools of each countries had implement, and tools that will available for the countries to overcome the future crisis.

We see the evolve of banking system on each countries and their current credit growth and leverage level past and current, how does cooling measure on property price that affect on each countries as well.

How do we detect the next crisis?

Unrated bank average credit model score,

Average probability to default,

CDS Spread

Total non performing and impaired loans proportion

We also learn how the capital markets and deal activities been evolved since the Asian Financial Crisis