Singapore Crude Oil & Refined Products Forum

Singapore crude oil & refined products forum. First hand information from market specialist into current trend affecting the crude and fuel oil markets.

Market trends in crude and fuel oil markets, Asian fuel oil market in 2019, navigating through supply/demand turbulence, refineries development across regions, LNG, naphtha, jet and gasoil markets tends.



Global Oil benchmarks Update: the affect after US to end waivers from Iran oil sanction from 2 May 2019. Dated Brent back to $70+/b.

Global Oil Markets amid geopolitical tensions, key development of price trends, the changing face of the barrel, Iran oil sanctions global impact.

Refined Products Forum – Light Distillates, Gasoline, Naphtha market, LPG trends

Refined Products Forum – Middle Distillates, the refinery development situation across the Asia region, supply / demand of Jet fuel, gasoil market.