S&P Platts LNG Market Evolution

‪Powerful Breakfast Networking. S&P Platts: LNG MARKET EVOLUTION: THE SURGE IN FLEXIBILITY AND LIQUIDITY Hear first-hand from market specialists and analysts cover market updates, trends, provide an outlook and discuss risk management in the LNG market. #emtacintl #LNG ‬

The LNG spot trading, pricing, hedging revolution
– Evolving trends in the Asia LNG spot markets
– Burgeoning growth of JKMTM derivatives, physical benchmark adoption
– LNG Market-ON-Close (MOC) development

LNG energy dominance – How to ensure company is prepared for the rapid moving market
– Controlling entire natural gas value chain
– Managing operational supply/demand balance
– Improving visibility into market exposure

LNG Optimization – How it can monetize the operational flexibility of a LNG Portfolio
– Market-based LNG price formation and its challenges
– Stack pricing as a method of price discovery
– Price stacks and risk management in LNG

What to expect from the global LNG market moving forward
– With prices reaching multi-year lows already in 2019, what can market expect moving forward? How much supply can Asia absorb and where will it go? 
– What are the prospects for new supply in a low price environment? 
– With growth in LNG coming from the US in the form of flexible, Henry Hub-linked volumes, how will trade flows change? what can market expect about price relationship moving forward? 

Panel Discussion : Threats and opportunities for the LNG industry amid growing capacity.